Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica

Imagine standing next to a colony of black-browed albatrosses (with a bunch of Southern Rockhopper penguins mixed in between), or tens of thousands of three-foot-tall king penguins and their fuzzy brown chicks. Not to mention the massive mountain peaks and slow-moving glaciers cracking off big icebergs into the sea. Or the whales breaching in the distance as you sail down the Antarctic peninsula. That’s just a taste of what this phenomenal itinerary offers you. This is an Antarctic expedition on steroids, and not to be missed if your schedule permits three weeks of remote adventuring.



Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica

Days 1-3 - Depending on port of departure, it takes a couple of days to sail to the Falkland Islands

Days 4-5 - Exploring the Falkland Islands

Days 6-7 - Sailing from the Falklands to South Georgia

Days 8-11 - Exploring South Georgia

Days 12-14 - Sailing the Scotia Sea from South Georgia to Antarctica

Days 14-17 - Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands

Days 18-20 - Returning to Ushuaia over the Drake Passage



David makes every stop on the trip a highlight

I had a fantastic trip to Svalbard with David as a guide. His great experience and burning interest in the Arctic and Antarctica really shines through. He has an extensive knowledge of all parts of the wildlife but is at the same time also incredibly competent as a polar historian, making every stop on the trip a highlight.

Nils Radstrom


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