Svalbard Classic

The Svalbard archipelago is famous for being a protected area for polar bears, which means there are usually quite a number to observe in their natural habitat - hunting from the sea ice - and if we’re lucky, with a cub or two in tow. However there are also the lazy groups (herds) of walruses hauled out on the beach to marvel at, and the otherworldly bird cliffs of Alkefjellet which go on for miles and at their highest, reach almost a mile high. Svalbard always has something wonderful to offer, from the glaciers pouring out into the sea, right down to the Arctic foxes and puffins we can sometimes glimpse from our zodiacs as we cruise past.



Svalbard Classic

Day 1 - Arrive Longyearbyen

Days 2 to 10 - Svalbard Archipelago/Spitsbergen

Day 11 - Depart Longyearbyen


Every step of the way was made easy from the beginning to end.

Ryan McDevitt

I could not have been more pleased with my recent trip to western Greenland for a two week kayaking expedition around the Upernavik Archipelago. Having kayaked with David in Antarctica on a previous trip, I witnessed first hand how thorough and focused he is on the group’s safety as well as extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the wildlife, geology and history of the white continent. That previous experience made my decision easy to book with the team at Twin Tracks Expeditions for my kayaking expedition in Greenland. Every step of the way was made easy from the beginning to end. The pre-trip communication with Heather was flawless. She answered all of my questions and was always incredibly responsive. She is definitely an invaluable asset to the Twin Tracks team. Once on the ground in Greenland, our guide Rickard was absolutely amazing! He is always prepared for anything and also super knowledgeable on the history of the region and its flora and fauna. And even though the trip was expedition style and the passengers were all very capable paddlers and campers, he was always there and happy to assist us with anything from setting up our tents and teaching us helpful paddling tips to lending an extra jacket to someone in need. Under Rickard’s guidance, throughout the entirety of the trip I always felt very well taken care of and very safe. I totally recommend to anyone who is interested in exploring the polar regions to consider Twin Tracks Expeditions when booking, you will not be disappointed.

Ryan McDevitt
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