EP08 – Sarah Woodall – From OCD event planner in Washington DC to the slow life in remote southern Greenland

What happens when you thought your destiny would take you closer to the equator to a Spanish-speaking country, and then discover that your heart is actually in remote, chilly, and wild Greenland?

Sarah with icy hair

Our guest on the podcast today is Sarah Woodall, a Paraguayan-born naturalized US citizen who was raised in Washington DC and found her way to Greenland on an internship.

As it turns out, Sarah would not be returning to the US. Rather she has settled in the southern Greenland town of Qaqortoq – population 3000 – and learned the local language, taking a job at the tourism board.

There are tiny towns, and then there are really tiny towns

Sarah shares her wildly interesting and unusual life in this remote Arctic outpost through visual storytelling on her Instagram feed, but today we’re getting to the story behind her stories.

Have a listen to her incredibly fascinating story, and leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, or wherever you listen to episodes.

Incredible view from her home in Greenland


3:00 – How Sarah ended up in Greenland to begin with when she always imagined she’d end up in a Spanish-speaking country close to the equator

6:40 – Sarah tells us why she moved from a town of 18,000 to a town of 3,000

8:25 – On choosing what to share about her life in Greenland on Instagram

10:15 – How Sarah prepares amazing cuisine in such a remote town where the supply is limited

11:45 – What being a sea-ice free town means and what happens when you have a food emergency in Greenland

13:30 – Sarah talks about using three languages in her day-to-day life – English, Danish, and the incredibly tough Greenlandic

18:20 – The challenges Sarah faces by living remotely & her “only in Greenland” experiences

20:45 – What makes the experience of living in Southern Greenland so magical

25:00 – What’s next for Sarah in her remote home


Sarah on Instagram

Kommune Kujallec


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